6 Photography Tricks with Simple Tools, The Results Are Like Professionals

At present, many people already know the world of photography. Moreover, coupled with the many social media platforms that provide facilities to accommodate or become a container for those who have the results of photography.

No wonder the container can add insight into the wider world of photography. In addition, the use of photographic equipment is also increasingly diverse.

At least people have started to be able to operate cameras to take pictures. Whether it’s by using a smartphone camera or with a digital camera.

But not many people can produce impressive photos or images. Photos that have a high value are usually only produced by professionals.

But what about you who are still beginners and want to produce images worthy of professionalism? Take it easy, you can make it without the need to have expensive photographic equipment or tools. You can use tools or simple objects that are around you to get amazing photos.

Photography Tricks using Simple Tools

Use a natural background

You can use a plant background which can certainly be found everywhere. You only need to explore the angle to get results like a professional photographer.

Use objects that are around you

To get images with shadows or natural effects on portrait or close up photos, you can use a leaf. You can choose leaves with unique textures, such as fern leaves.

After that, you only need to place the leaf in front of your camera lens and take it using natural light, then you will get a natural effect on your face.

Still to make a natural effect

You can also use equipment or tools that are at home, you know. You can use objects that have gaps or holes. This is useful for providing light from outside, which will be able to provide a cool effect on the object image.

Use low heat

As seen in the picture. The method is the same as before. You only need to put a small flame in front of the camera lens which will give an immediate effect to the main object.

This natural effect is usually required for the purposes of objects with portrait or close up shooting techniques. Of course, this is to provide a detailed natural effect on the face.

Use the smartphone screen for the reflection effect

If you want to get photos with reflection effects, you can use tools to use the mobile screen. You just need to put the mobile screen in front of your camera lens. You just need to set the right position and right with the main object you want to give reflection.

Take advantage of certain moments

You can also use certain times to get good photos. Some good time to get maximum results is at sunset.

You can get photos with warm shades. You can practice it after sunset and about one hour before sunset. This will give a natural warm touch to the photo.